Dock Shelter

Dock Shelter

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Dock Shelter

Seals and Shelters improve energy conservation, help preserve internal temperatures and protect products from outside contaminants.

Which dock seal or shelter is best suited to your loading dock? Dock applications, site criteria and facility operations vary and
may require one feature more than the others. Many configurations are available from basic types of compression dock seals, standard
dock shelters, inflatable seals to hybrid dock seal / shelter /inflatable designs.

Dock shelters and Dock Seals are placed at the exterior of the doors openings & forms a shelter between the dock bay & the lorry while
the loading or unloading of the material is taking place. The vehicle reverses into the dock shelters which seals it off giving weather
protection during the loading and unloading.

Designed to suit door openings up to 10′ W x 10′ H (3,048 mm x 3,048 mm), the Retractable Shelter provides full access to the rear of the
trailer while creating a tight seal against the top and rear. The collapsible frame is designed to retract upon impact, reducing pressure
against the curtains and extending the life of the unit.


  • Galvanized steel framing
  • Bottom draft pads
  • Double-stitching on all seams
  • “I” beams with wedge anchors
  • Wide range of durable fabrics to choose from
  • Weighted head curtain with stays
  • Internal straps for shape retention
  • Double-stitching on all seams
  • Treated lumber
  • Wide range of durable fabrics to choose from