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Automatic Boom Barrier with Electro-Mechanical Motor and opening time of 3 sec, suitable for Residential Societies and Industrial Parking.

These RFID Boom Barrier with LED are used in commercial and residential societies. These are highly recommendable for entering and exiting in industrial units, offices, corporate houses, residential societies, shopping malls, banks, hospitals, warehouses, hotels, etc. Advance gate automation is used to restrict the entry and management of parking systems.


  • Manual Release
  • Adjustable Left and Right side installations
  • Motor cooling fan, solving the problem of heat-protection
  • Double safety limit switches (photo-electricity limit switch/motor memory sensor)
  • Auto-Close function.
  • Duty Cycle 100%
  • Support the external and internal Loop Detector (optional)
  • Wire control (switch signal)/Remote control (418 Mhz)
  • RS 485 Communication module (optional)