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Want to know more about MAK?

My Accounts Keeper from abbreviation MAK is an Accounting and Book-keeping Company working across the globe but majorly operating in IndiaAustralia and United Kingdom ( U.K ). My Accounts Keeper began its accounting journey four years ago in pursuit of providing the complete accounting, book-keeping and other tax benefits to the businesses all over the world. Therefore, they can focus on the growth of their core business without worrying about quirks and issues related to accounting as it is the ground where My Accounts Keeper shines. Within short span of four years, we have successfully managed more than five hundred clients. The numbers keep on increasing and we are glad to be in service for our whole wonderful clientele. As in contemporary world with a fast and challenging pace, handling a business is not an easy task, especially effective functioning of department of accountancy. Accountancy and taxation has become complicated, and their penalties heavy over the years. In such chaos, a need and a client base emerges that requires a team for smooth operation of management of their accounts, profit and loss statements, and taxes; so that the company can focus on their major work either it be advertising or it be textile, in crisp words any business. Every business needs helpers to fix their accounts, which is where My Accounts Keeper emerges. After understanding this problem the firm My Accounts Keepers was incorporated to keep you all tension free from your accounting problems.

We are just not only a team of accountants, but we are a well equipped structure that comprises Chartered Accountants, Certified Public Accountants, Consultants, Lawyers and Business Administrators; in order to cover all the requirements of any type of business. Here at My Accounts Keeper, we understand that the need of accounting and taxation is not just restricted to CA’s but there is a requirement of Business Administrators to bloom your business, to take it to the great heights of success; and it also requires a team of corporate lawyers to safeguard your business’s interest; and of course Consultants – so to guide your business through all the hurdles. Shortly, if there are any issues related to accounting we got you covered with our Ultimate team of Qualified and Experienced Professionals that works in co-ordination; and has the potential to provide best outcomes for any of your queries. We believe in providing value added services because it is the major goal of the formation of MAK

In Accounting we also provide Accounts payable, accounts receivable, Payroll Management Services and Transition Management Services. As here at My Accounts Keeper we are well aware of the requirements of smooth money flow from suppliers or from customers are needed for an effective operation of the firm because a smooth monetary flow keeps the business going. Employee consistency and management are the ground requirements because forming a rock-solid team is a task in itself, which is why we provide Transition Management Services too. A strong and trust worthy team can lead the corporation to the stars.